Children & Adolescents

In treatment of children and adolescents I believe in a team oriented approach. This team should include the child, parents/primary caregivers, myself and other persons or professionals working to support your child.

In the room my goal is to meet your child where she is – we might play, draw, play basketball or talk. We work together on creating a safe space where your child or teen can express their feelings, both positive and negative, and learn how to best cope with those feelings that don’t feel so good. A big part of the work is also exploring and practicing ways to help your child/teen and you, her parents, communicate in a way that feels safe for everyone involved.


I specialize in working with adults struggling with variety of life challenges from relational issues (dating, relationships, parenting) to emotional issues (depression, anxiety).

My goal is to collaborate with you on becoming more familiar with different aspects of yourself, improving your understanding of outgrown coping skills and supporting you in development of new, more effective strategies. Mastering these skills, which often originate from previously deeply buried inner strengths, will help you move closer to your full potential and put you in charge of your live.


In treating couples my goal is to help guide you to a place of mutual respect, compassion and appreciation for one another. We work on improving overall communication and understanding within the couple, identifying mutual as well as individual goals, needs and desires.


  • Parenting groups
  • Motherless Mothers group


I offer supervision to students and young professionals. Whilst supervision is not therapy, I believe wholeheartedly in creating a compassionate connection between supervisor and supervisee, which is very much akin to therapy. Close attention is paid to both transference and countertransference material arising from your work as a mental health professional.